Payroll in St Petersburg Florida

Payroll: Managing an Important Task

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Every year, the American Payroll Association celebrates National Payroll Week, drawing attention to the hard-working individuals who do what it takes to get paychecks processed accurately and on time. These professionals are the ones who make sure 150 million wage earners get...
Discrimination in St Petersburg Florida

Avoid Inadvertent Hiring Discrimination

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The intent to discriminate might not have been a factor. But an East Coast chemical manufacturer will still have to pay $175,000 in back pay and interest to 660 African-American job applicants, who were rejected for entry-level jobs at one of their locations over a one-year...
Financial Planning in St Petersburg Florida

It’s Time to Review Your Financial Planning Options

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Fall is a good time to pause and review your financial planning strategy. A lot can happen in a year. If your personal life, market conditions or tax laws have changed, you may need to revise your long-term financial plans. Here are some retirement and estate planning...
Bunching in St Petersburg Florida

Now’s the time to start thinking about “bunching” — miscellaneous itemized deductions, that is

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Many expenses that may qualify as miscellaneous itemized deductions are deductible only to the extent they exceed, in aggregate, 2% of your adjusted gross income (AGI). Bunching these expenses into a single year may allow you to exceed this “floor.” So now is a good time to add...
Co-owner in St Petersburg Florida

Ask the Advisor Q: I want to sell, but my co-owner doesn’t — what should we do?

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A: It’s a good time to sell a company. The M&A deal market remains strong and many profitable businesses are receiving lucrative offers from buyers. You’re ready to take advantage of the booming market, yet your company’s co-owner isn’t. This scenario is challenging, but more...
Business Interests in St Petersburg Florida

Know your options for business interests transfers

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Business owners should always know their options when it comes to their company and its relation to their estate plans. Let’s take a look at some commonly chosen vehicles for transferring ownership interests in a business.   The great GRAT With a grantor retained annuity...
EEOC in St Petersburg Florida

Employer Complaints Pour in as EEOC Wants More Data

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A controversial proposal by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has been in a holding pattern while the agency accepted input through August 15. The proposal seeks to expand the information it requires employers to provide on the EEO-1 form by adding pay data....
Inherited IRAs in St Petersburg Florida

Tax-Savvy Planning Strategies for Inherited IRAs

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Say an IRA is inherited by multiple individual beneficiaries or by one or more individuals and one or more charities or other beneficiaries that aren’t “natural persons.” How do these scenarios affect the rules for required minimum distributions (RMDs) that...
Travel in St Petersburg Florida

Combining business and vacation travel: What can you deduct?

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If you go on a business trip within the United States and tack on some vacation days, you can deduct some of your expenses. But exactly what can you write off? Transportation expenses Transportation costs to and from the location of your business activity are 100% deductible as...
DCF in St Petersburg Florida

Growth plays a critical role in DCF valuations

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When appraising a new or growing business, valuators often turn to the discounted cash flow (DCF) method. This technique, which derives value from a company’s ability to generate cash flow in the future, allows for significant flexibility in assumptions about growth. So, it also...