NLRB in St Petersburg Florida

NLRB Ruling Is Growing Legal Hazard for Some Employers

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With the recent rise in the use of staffing agencies, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has sought to redefine the relationship between the employees of such an agency and the agency’s client. To do that, the NLRB had to broaden the legal test that makes a worker a...
Annual Reviews in St Petersburg Florida

Do Annual Reviews Really Foster High Performance?

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Traditional annual employee reviews can be enormously time-consuming. They generally involve stacks of evaluation forms, a myriad of performance criteria and various numeric ranking systems. According to business researchers CEB, a survey of employers found that managers spend an...
Per Diem Rates in St Petersburg Florida

Fiscal Year 2016 Travel Per Diem Rates Now Available

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Documenting business travel expenses causes administrative headaches for employers and employees alike. Typically, employees are required to collect receipts as they travel, noting the time, place and business purpose of each expenditure. They then must submit monthly expense...
Contribute in St Petersburg Florida

Why you should contribute more to your 401(k) in 2015

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Contributing to a traditional employer-sponsored defined contribution plan, such as a 401(k), 403(b) or 457 plan, offers many benefits: Contributions are pretax, reducing your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI), which can also help you reduce or avoid exposure to the 3.8% net...
Interim CFO in St Petersburg Florida

Does Your Business Need an Interim CFO?

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Does your company need a chief financial officer but can’t afford to hire one full time? Or does it simply need someone to help position your business for sale, see it through a special project or temporarily replace an executive who has fallen ill or left the organization?...
New Business in St Petersburg Florida

Starting a New Business or Organization?

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When starting a new business, there are a variety of entity choices — although some will be easily ruled out based on your operation. Most entities are governed by state statutes, with federal income tax rules and regulations also coming into play. The six basic entities...
Sales in St Petersburg Florida

Sales Need a Jump-Start?

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Even successful businesses get snarled up in a rut now and then — a vicious cycle of status-quo marketing and current-customer dependence. If you’re nodding your head thinking, “Yeah, that’s our company,” maybe it’s time to take action to help...
Employer Provided Meals in St Petersburg Florida

A Recipe for Deducting Employer Provided Meals, Parties and Gifts

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Few things say “thank you” like food. As the holidays and year-end crunch approach, many employers will bring pizza or donuts into the office, organize a holiday luncheon or provide their staff with free Thanksgiving turkeys. Employer provided meals offer an...
Internet in St Petersburg Florida

Harnessing the Power of the Internet Today and Tomorrow

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Over the last two decades, the Internet has become an increasingly important part of our everyday lives. Now that Internet penetration levels are nearing saturation for many demographic groups, many technology experts are speculating about how the Internet will continue to affect...
Analysis in St Petersburg Florida

Rely on Our Pre-Trial Analysis

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Our firm provides a full range of litigation support services — inside and outside the courtroom — to meet your needs. It starts with a preliminary analysis of the financial issues at stake. The main objective is to determine the viability for a cause of action. Our...