Household Employee in St Petersburg Florida

Have a household employee? Be sure to follow the tax rules

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Many families hire people to work in their homes, such as nannies, housekeepers, cooks, gardeners and health care workers. If you employ a domestic worker, make sure you know the tax rules. Important distinction Not everyone who works at your home is considered a household...
Credit in St Petersburg Florida

Know your customers before you extend credit

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Many companies risk danger in overly relying on a few customers that might abuse their credit to the point where the company’s cash flow is dramatically impacted. To guard against this, every business should assess customers’ creditworthiness before getting too deeply involved....
Vacation Rental in St Petersburg Florida

Do You Own a Vacation Rental Home with Limited Personal Use?

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Vacation properties are subject to different federal income tax rules depending on how much personal and rental use they have during the year. Now is a good time to plan how to use your vacation property for the rest of this year with tax savings in mind. Tax Rules for Vacation...
Transportation Fringe Benefits in St Petersburg Florida

Save Taxes with Employer-Provided Transportation Fringe Benefits

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The Internal Revenue Code allows some worthwhile tax breaks for transportation-related employee fringe benefits. They’re intended to persuade you to give up your gas-guzzling vehicle when commuting to work and instead “go green.” If your employer offers these...
Health Care in St Petersburg Florida

Finding the right tax-advantaged account to fund your health care expenses

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With health care costs continuing to climb, tax-friendly ways to pay for these expenses are more attractive than ever. Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs) all provide opportunities for tax-advantaged funding...
Money in St Petersburg Florida

What Are You Trying to Accomplish with Your Money?

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With the financial media bombarding us with investment ideas, we are flooded with tips on how to accumulate wealth. However, you should first decide what your money means to you. Do you know why you are investing, or are you using a haphazard strategy to try to achieve an unclear...
Recruitment in St Petersburg Florida

Social Media: A Growing Tool for Employee Recruitment

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The task of finding talented employees is a continuing problem for many employers. That’s why an increasing number of companies are turning to a popular and effective resource, though not one without risks. According to recent research by the Society for Human Resource...
Vacation Home in St Petersburg Florida

Midyear Planning for Vacation Home Rentals with Significant Personal Use

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Summer is the time for family vacations in the sun, sand and fresh air. It’s also a good time to plan for how your vacation home will be used for the second half of the year. Should you rent it out more to generate additional cash flow to help cover the expenses? What are...
FATCA in St Petersburg Florida

Disclosure of foreign accounts: 4 facts about FATCA

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If you hold assets such as bank and other financial accounts or securities from companies outside the United States, you may need to report them to the IRS. The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) requires certain U.S. taxpayers who have interests in “specified foreign...
Feedback in St Petersburg Florida

Meet Your Employee Review Goals with 360 Degree Feedback

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The 360-degree feedback mechanism (also called “multi-rater”) has been in use for decades, thus long enough that it’s been subjected to a battery of academic studies highlighting its benefits and pitfalls. The research has identified both. First, consider the...