Business Travel in St Petersburg Florida

Still important: The tax impact of business travel

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With conference calls and Web meetings increasingly prevalent, business travel isn’t what it used to be. But if your company is still sending employees out on the road, it remains important to understand the tax ramifications. Fringe benefits Generally, for federal tax purposes,...
Parking in St Petersburg Florida

Employer’s Parking Arrangement Doesn’t Qualify for Tax-Free Treatment

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The IRS has issued an Information Letter that explains the tax treatment of an employer who provided parking to employees in an unconventional way. In the arrangement, the employer purchased parking spots from a parking vendor and then allowed employees who wanted to use the...
Expense Reimbursement in St Petersburg Florida

The importance of accountable expense reimbursement plans

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Most companies cover their employees’ business expenses by reimbursing them for their actual expenses or by paying a travel or mileage allowance. Such arrangements are subject to strict tax rules concerning what qualifies as a legitimate reimbursement arrangement and what is...