AMT Calculations in St Petersburg Florida

AMT Calculations: It’s Showtime

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The alternative minimum tax (AMT) was enacted back in 1969 to ensure that high-income individuals don’t take advantage of multiple tax breaks and avoid paying federal tax. However, in recent years, the AMT has been imposed on many middle-income taxpayers. Unfortunately, the...
Education in St Petersburg Florida

How to Maximize Tax Breaks for Work-Related Education Costs

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School is back in session. So, it’s time for a refresher on tax breaks for work-related education expenditures. Here’s what individual taxpayers need to know. American Opportunity Credit The American Opportunity credit equals 100% of the first $2,000 of qualified...
Business in St Petersburg Florida

3 midyear tax planning strategies for business

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Tax reform has been a major topic of discussion in Washington, but it’s still unclear exactly what such legislation will include and whether it will be signed into law this year. However, the last major tax legislation that was signed into law — back in December of 2015 — still...
Tax-Filing in St Petersburg Florida

Phaseouts and reductions: A tax-filing reminder

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As tax-filing season gets into full swing, there are many details to remember. One subject to keep in mind — especially if you’ve seen your income rise recently — is whether you’ll be able to reap the full value of tax breaks that you’ve claimed previously. What could change? If...