Home Office in St Petersburg Florida

Unlock the Biggest Possible Deduction for a Home Office

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The IRS recently issued a reminder about claiming the home office deduction. In particular, it explained a simplified method that offers a time-saving option. But many taxpayers who maintain a home office fare better tax-wise by deducting expenses under the regular method. Others...
Sexual Harassment in St Petersburg Florida

Minimize Risk of Sexual Harassment Claims in Your Workplace

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Although it might be impossible to guarantee that sexual harassment will never happen at your company, you can demonstrate that it won’t be tolerated. Doing so will go a long way toward reining in the prospect that it will occur, and also in reassuring potential victims...
Independent Contractor in St Petersburg Florida

Understand How the Definition of Independent Contractor Has Changed Again

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Whether someone who performs work for you qualifies as an employee or an independent contractor matters a great deal in terms of your financial and legal obligations to that individual. This includes such issues as whether your business must pay minimum wage and overtime pay, and...
Rental in St Petersburg Florida

Consider Taxes before Converting Your Home to a Rental Property

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Have you ever thought about becoming a landlord? This option may be tempting if your local real estate market is surging and rental rates are strong, especially if you’re already planning to relocate or downsize to a smaller home. Ideally, you’ll be able to shelter...
Selling in St Petersburg Florida

Pay attention to the details when selling investments

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The tax consequences of the sale of an investment, as well as your net return, can be affected by a variety of factors. You’re probably focused on factors such as how much you paid for the investment vs. how much you’re selling it for, whether you held the investment long-term...
Deduction in St Petersburg Florida

Donating a vehicle might not provide the tax deduction you expect

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All charitable donations aren’t created equal — some provide larger deductions than others. And it isn’t necessarily just how much or even what you donate that matters. How the charity uses your donation might also affect your deduction. Take vehicle donations, for example. If...
Business in St Petersburg Florida

Business owners: When it comes to IRS audits, be prepared

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If you recently filed your 2016 income tax return (rather than filing for an extension) you may now be wondering whether it’s likely that your business could be audited by the IRS based on your filing. Here’s what every business owner should know about the process. Catching the...
E-Verify in St Petersburg Florida

Prepare: E-Verify May Soon Become Mandatory

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With so much focus in Washington on stemming illegal immigration and the erosion of job opportunities for U.S. citizens, chances appear better than ever that the E-Verify system will become mandatory. President Trump’s 2018 budget proposal includes funds to upgrade the...
Childcare in St Petersburg Florida

Consider Adding Schedule Flexibility for Childcare Needs

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Being the parent of a young child can be challenging under the best of circumstances, especially when the demands of parenting are added to those of a job. And when inevitable problems occur — such as a child becoming sick or daycare arrangements falling through — employee stress...
Sharing Economy in St Petersburg Florida

Sharing Tax Issues in the Sharing Economy

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Do you provide car rides through a mobile app, rent out your spare room using an online platform or repair computers for local businesses on demand? If so, you may be considered part of the “sharing economy” (also known as the Gig or on-demand economy). Participation...